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Well, some of it started before my staycation, like an attempt to paint. Painting is not nearly as exciting as collage to me, granted I do like the mediative aspect of it, but we all know I have a hard time sitting still for very long. And fancy paint doesn’t go nearly as far as cheapy craft paint when you are trying to cover a large area of paper, it could be watered down or used with a medium but the paper gets wrinkly with water and medium just makes it more expensive. So, I’ll save the fancy paints for details on top of collage.

I thought it would be fun to paint over catalog pages, but really I think they just turned out messy and muddled. Gudrun Sjödén sends me an awesome catalog with great paper, amazing colors and textures. I don’t know why I felt the need to paint over something that is already perfect the way is is.

A few years ago I rearranged my space and ended up loosing my “clothes line” that I always used to dry my tissue paper on. I figured I could just work on smaller sheets of tissue, tracing and other miscellaneous papers. Well, this may be fine and dandy for illustrators that work small and simple, unlike me who prefers large and chaotic. It seems like a waste of time you make something super cool like this magenta and neon piece and it’s so small, laaaaaaame, that’s not going to go very far and then I will be sad because it’s gone, or worse not use it at all. Plus then you still have to deal with getting them out of the way to dry so you can use your work space for something else. Because unlike all those artists featured in magazines, I only have a room, no she shed, outbuilding, or huge sunlit space overlooking a beautiful vista. A room that must make candles, print towels, make art, work on computer, house Mae’s crate etc…


It can get dangerous with four dogs and cords. Sadie Dog is Gotta Know Jo, all up in everything. Here I find her getting ready to pull an iron on her head as she sniffs around in the paint cabinet.

Today I busted out my cheapy paint, which hasn’t been touched in FIVE years. OK, maybe once or twice but hardly at all. Guess what, it’s thin, and/or “boogery”. Y’all crafters and artists know what I am talking about here. Yesterday, I was squeezing, squeezing, squeezing a bottle with a booger stuck in it and then it BLEW up all over me and the table. Gross. I’l be replacing these babies later today.

Last night I decided I needed to rig up another drying line for sheets of tissue because this is my jam, my main medium and I miss it. So here ya have it! It is amazing what you can do in a tiny, cramped, eternally messy space.

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  • Angela

    Love the pictures of your WIPs and creative space!

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