Hello folks and welcome to my world of cheese and art!

My name is Sloane Solanto and I live in Virginia Beach, VA. I am a daughter, a wife, an artist, a beach lover, mom to a muttley crew of four legged beasties and a maker of tasty cheese spreads. 

My business, Life Is Gouda, is based out of Norfolk, VA where I share a kitchen with Sage Mermaid Kombuchery. Life Is Gouda is the creator and purveyor of tasty cheeses in the 757!  We’ve been creating our renowned small batch cheese spreads with The Creative Wedge since 2013 and are looking forward to serving you under our new name in 2021. Along with the specialty cheese spreads we sell, Life Is Gouda offers a variety of raw and pasteurized cheeses from Virginia, Maryland and North Carolina.

Claiming “artist” as my profession is a new idea for me and I am growing into this role. On and off through my adult life I have been making art and been fortunate enough to have sold most of my originals. I am currently working with someone to reproduce a few of them into prints and such. The Art page will highlight this aspect of my life so pop by and see what I am working on and what’s available for sale.