Frequently asked questions:

Do you make your cheese at home?
No. I share a kitchen with Sage Mermaid Kombuchery in the Fawn Street Studios in Norfolk. Where I am inspected every 3 months by the Va. Dept. of Agriculture Dairy Services.
Do you have a brick and mortar for retail sales?
No. Our building is not open to the public unless arrangements have been made in advance.
Why are your cheese spreads not available more places?
Although I have 3 helpers they are only available a few hours each week. So basically I am a one woman show, purchasing supplies, making the cheese, delivering to the few accounts I have and running the markets myself.
How come when I get to market you are out of my favorite cheese?
I do my best to gauge weekly sales. Weather forecasts play a huge part in that. Obviously rain is bad but also extreme heat and cold are factors too. Feel free to text me in advance at 757-647-2667 and reserve your items if you are going to be late arriving at my events. My products are perishable and I try to make what I am sure to sell immediately.
How long is the shelf life of your cheese spreads?
About 3 weeks. I have personally eaten them older but cannot guarantee anything after that. My customers have told me they freeze well.
My favorite farm stand is often out of my favorite spread, can you stock more?
No. They are not my business so I do not call the shots. I can only make suggestions. Sometimes I take the risk and make a little extra in case I feel they haven’t ordered enough and might call after I have delivered but it is really out of my control. If you are going out of your way to their establishments I suggest you call for availability. I am sure they’ll hold what you need.
How do I know how to find you?
You can always text or message me. I also have a weekly newsletter that I email every Tuesday. I share Facebook posts each week in my feed as well.
Do you ship?
No. Ice packs weigh more than the cheese. Plus the boxes needed and time I currently do not have to go to post office. After shipping art that has taken up to 7 days for delivery I really don’t feel comfortable sending dairy products via USPS.