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C is for Creative

C is really for Cheese right now. I get all these great ideas during the quiet months of winter like this ABC’s of Creative Living. Then farmers markets start and my life revolves around cheeese, cheese, cheese and I have to remind myself that is why we are The Creative WEDGE and the cheese was all my idea to begin with. As Jimmy Miller would say “you did this to yourself”, but I am ok with that. 

C is for Calm. I have also started to meditate this year using the Headspace app mostly. Sometimes I listen to other mediations or go and participate in a group. I will say it is definitely helping me to focus better, not react so quickly to every little thing that happens, as well as to let go of the constant negative feedback loop that has been in my head pretty much my entire life. By clearing out all that junk I believe it is opening up my heart and mind to fully live a creative life.

C is for Self Care. I have also been practicing Reiki on myself. In a few hours I am actually going to my teachers home to spend the day and become a Level II Reiki Practitioner. Doing a little Reiki before bed each night helps me sleep like a baby, between that and mediation I rarely wake up in the middle of the night and worry for hours.

I admittedly don’t have the self confidence to practice on anyone outside of my Reiki circle. BUT I know the root of all that baloney and am actively working on getting rid of it. If you are a creative person you must have Confidence to put your ideas out into the world. And taking care of yourself will help with that!

C is for Collage. Collage is my jam and I am currently enrolled in this online class over at Carla Sonheim Presents. I can’t say I am working on it as diligently as I’d like right now but it is not going anywhere because once you join you have unlimited access to the lessons for life. 

I am also working on aluminum Can and bottle cap assemblages as well as always designing and printing tea towels, note cards (that’s a new idea) as well as making candles. 

Creative living creates a busy life, especially if you can’t hone in one one project at a time. Just do what ever makes your heart sing whenever you can. The idea here is to just keep creating. 

C is for Courage, to live a creative life you must be courageous. You must overcome your fears, but remember just take baby steps, take it one day at a time. Doodle, jot song lyrics as they come to you, try the recipe in your mind, cut a piece of paper and glue it down. You don’t have to show anyone but I do think it strengthens you Courageous muscle to show a friend, post about it, hang it up on a wall, sing it out loud, feed someone that treat you made. But I totally get it if you can’t right now, but just keep it in the back of your mind and when the time is right you’ll be ready.

The idea that creative endeavors don’t have to be a masterpiece is something I struggle with every day. I am the queen of self sabotage when it comes to creating for fun. Sometimes I sit on the porch and doodle in a book, thinking that it is a waste of time, what am I going to do with it, it sucks a$$ anyways so why bother, blah, blah blah. But then, like just now when I was looking fo the C collage I saw this silly bunny I doodled on the porch, I smiled and laughed. Is it a masterpiece, no. Is it as suck a$$ as I thought it was when I shut the book that night, no. The fact that it made me smile and think of the baby bunny that was living in the front yard that inspired this was worth the time to do it. 

C is for Chris. My husband is my hero. He plays music religiously 3 days a week. He is always jotting down lyrics, sitting upstairs plucking away on a guitar or researching the next thing he can get to create the sound he wants. He is dedicated and enthusiastic and I am grateful to have him as my creative living roll model…not to mention he is incredible handsome. 

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