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Things that keep me awake at night Volume #9492

Sloane Solanto

Things that keep me up at night

Volume #9492

Reading Mike Dooley‘s Infinite Possibilities yesterday evening on the porch about “Thoughts Become Things” started it all. 
 Google Calendar: Conference call with the Monkeys in Your Head Wednesday June 12th at 3:00am
If thoughts become things then Oh My Spirit WTF, we are all f*cked. See there I go. I know for a fact that I am just as guilty as anyone else.
I feel like every positive thought/conversation I have is constantly being counteracted by a negative thought/conversation from someone else.
I feel like I am drowning in all the crapola.
“I’m tired. Traffic sucks. There is no time. We can never have such and such. I will always be this that of or the other. That is just the way I have always been. If I only had blah blah blah I’d be happy”
On and on and on we complain complain complain. I think I need a clicker to count all the negative talk I hear everyday. 

Thank you Andy Puddicombe for your app. Once I started spinning out of control I got up to meditate for 20 minutes. Still feeling a little restless I turned on a Sleep Sound and was out like a light.

Obviously these thoughts still have a hold on me. I sat down to journal, which I still may do but felt I’d “voice” this publicly for anyone who might be feeling the same way.  

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