Interesting Morning

About 5am this morning Mae was snuggled up to my chest and she lifted her head up, alert, looking towards dining room. Then I also heard the noise, a quiet clicking/padding across the floor. I assumed it was Al, aka The Hairy Wiener, while it happened three separate times. I patted the covers and….felt that Frank and Al were also in bed. 

Miss Sadie must have been visiting from the other side, gently urging me to get up and do what I keep saying I don’t have time to do. The timing was perfect. 

Last week I checked this audiobook out from the Virginia Beach Library, yes you can do that, it’s an app called Hoopla.  Anyways, this book is fascinating in explaining why meditation is important and the how it works. It’s more than I can explain and if you are interested in quantum physics, epigenetics, energy, etc I suggest you read/listen to it too! I have never had it explained to me this way and it makes perfect sense, so here I go trying to, again, add meditation into my days. 

One of my excuses is the dogs, I can’t get any peace and quiet with the dogs around. So here I am this morning at 5:00am, the house is quiet, except for our unexpected visitor Sadie who, by the way, was ALWAYS the one to wake us up. I think to myself “ummmm it is an excellent time to meditate” as I simultaneously wondered if Sadie was helping me achieve my goals by gently waking me before everyone else. I had my ear buds in the other room, I had downloaded a guided mediation yesterday, and the three little dogs were still snuggled up. PERFECT! I did not turn on any lights and went into the other room, uninterrupted for an hour.

Ok y’all I can’t make this stuff up. Keep in mind that it is 5am and pitch black dark in the house. I decide that since I am mediating on abundance I should probably grab Abundance oil blend. Now granted, I keep it roughly in the same area of my rack o’ oils, usually to the bottom left side but in no particular order because that’s the shelf I use most. What oil did I grab first? 

Yep, I will keep this up and hopefully won’t go back to sleep for an hour after I do. Baby steps y’all, change takes baby steps. 

Thanks Sadie Bug for always and forever being the bestest girl in the world. 

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