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The letter B in the ABC’s of Creative Living

Howdy folks,

Today I am going to talk about the letter B and things that I think about when living a creative life. 

B is for Brave

Being Brave for me is not being afraid to show up, face my insecurities and anxieties and just doing what needs to be done to help me or my business grow. Being Brave is getting out of my comfort zone, things like signing up for a year long class to learn new techniques and designing a new website for The Creative Wedge. Even Braver is actually publishing/sharing lessons, doodles, works in progress, blogs and websites for the world to see. I think being Brave is like a muscle and the more I use it the Braver I become and hopefully inspire others to be Brave too!

B is for Bold

I have to be Brave to be Bold! I have to not be afraid to live out loud, to stand out, to not hesitate and just do it!

I (we) like to drive around Bold too!


B is for Balanced

If my life isn’t Balanced I am unproductive, uninspired and cranky. For me Balance is rest, work, family, nutrition, exercise and friends. With right mix of all that creates a well rounded life also opens my mind up for inspiration.

B is Busy

I like to stay Busy doing the things that make my life Balanced. Staying Busy keeps me out of my own head and its rambling of negative self talk. Staying Busy keeps me minding my own business rather than worrying about what everyone else is doing. For me staying Busy keeps me well Balanced and productive. 

B is for Bottle Caps

I need to get Busy with my Bottle Cap project, I have a chain link fence to cover!

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