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10 Days


Well, I am on day 10 of my 10 days off. Which happens to be the longest amount of time I have taken off from The Creative Wedge in the 5 1/2 years we have been open. Since I enjoy staying at home so much I only took off out of town for one night and spent the rest of the time puttering around the house, took a few walks, helped my grandad, went to a party, hung out on a few porches, delivered candles, made candles and went to a vintage shop I had been wanting to check out. I also started 3 canvases, you can tell I was feeling very celestial this week! Not sure where these are going since I am trying to work intuitively but so far I have enjoyed every minute of working on them. Collage is exciting to me, it’s like putting together puzzle without any references.

I did not go to the Chrysler museum, get back into YMCA routine, or make it to Crafted all of which I had planned on doing. I did not set an alarm but let myself sleep as late as I wanted and still took a nap even if only for 30 minutes most days. I am good with all my decisions because it felt really good to not be in a hurry, have to be somewhere, or talk to anyone. Although I am looking forward to getting back into the shop because it is a fabulous place to be, I didn’t take a break because I hate my job, I took one because Barbara made me!! LOL but really, I wouldn’t have willingly taken off so much time if she hadn’t already taken her time and gone traveling. Barb was right though, it is good to step away, take a break, stop thinking about the biz all day long everyday. I also think the timing was perfect after a rough September for me and my hormones, medication adjustments and the acclimating my body to said medication, as well as the holidays right around the darned corner!!! 71 days until Christmas, how did THAT happen.

Things I have learned the last 10 days:

  1. I dress like a homeless person when I am at home.
  2. My boobs would be down to my knees if I stayed at home all the time because I would never wear a bra.
  3. Every piece of clothing I wore while I had off has paint or Mod Podge smeared on it, hence the ragged looking wardrobe.
  4. I have to make sure I do enough in a day to not affect my sleep. To much relaxation during the day leads to a restless nights sleep.
  5. I watched a little more TV than normal and am amazed at all the food commercials. No wonder we are a fat nation, it was brainwashing me to want to eat, eat and EAT!
  6. I am never lonely or bored.
  7. I don’t drink enough water when not at the shop.
  8. My husband and I travel better when I am the one driving and he is a great navigator.
  9. Even when I don’t have to work I still don’t want to clean the house. I am typing this now to procrastinate cleaning the bathroom.

#9 being said, if I don’t do my chores I can’t work on my canvases. 10,000 steps in already, then chores, then fun. I need to break it up and set some sort of organization to my day or I wouldn’t accomplish anything!

One more thing, if you were wondering where did this homebody venture off to over night. DC to hear one of my favorite bands The Detroit Cobras¬†who I have never seen live. They were awesome even though they only played for an hour, which was super disappointing but at least I can say that I saw them and enjoyed all 60 minutes of it. I didn’t take any of my own videos because I was to busy watching them, although I could have asked the a$$ hat in front of me who recorded practically the entire show in my line of vision to send me a song. Urrggg I get taking a picture, recording a bit of it but how can you truly be in the moment when you are viewing it through a screen?? Rant over. Here is an example of them live…

Ok, off to clean for real this time….

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