We are three….

April 17, 2014 / by Sloane

I managed to get them all to sit and stay although they are not good pictures LOL


Al’s face in this one cracks me up. x3_2Meet Frank!


He is a handsome little devil isn’t he!?! Frank is, maybe, a Boston Rat Terrier mix and almost 5 months old.

We lost our beloved Johnny B last August..he was a great dog and we miss still  everyday. Recently we had talked about bringing in another to make 3 again…why? Because we are obviously nuts. Haha We have really enjoyed having Al and started looking for a young dachshund….which led me to Brownies Low Rider Rescue here in Virginia Beach…and to Frank! No he is not a dachshund but a cute little dog none the less.

We had put our application in for a female doxie mix puppy but was encouraged to meet Frank…the more we looked at his pictures the more we thought he was the one. He kind of looks like a little bitty Sadie…except with huge bat ears. And obviously reminds me of JB with his little underbite and big watery eyes.

Today we are on Day 5 with our new baby. He is such a sweet dog. He loves to cuddle and play. He is still getting used to the noises here and walks around growling a lot and getting the other to worked up but everyday gets a little better. Sadie hates a lot of the loud commands and always thinks she is the one being reprimanded so we are using the squirt bottle…(pardon the image..it will not rotate??)

squirtThis is a very effective tool and lets me make quick commands and a squirt if he ignores them. He “sits” already and we are working on him not acting like a maniac when it’s feeding time. He has established his spot while he sits and waits and everyday he is less and less obnoxious….and we had to get him one of those slow feeder bowls so he will sloooooow down…poor little guy eats like he’s never had a bite.

He took to the pet door right away because his foster’s had one and although we remind him to go tinkle several times a day he has yet to potty in the house.

He is very skittish on a walk but we will work through that I am sure…he is a very confident little guy in the house…he just has to get used to the big wide world.

Al is extra lovey with me this week but is getting along well with Frank, tolerates him when he is tired, shares the bed and his toys with him and they play really well together. I think Sadie is afraid she is going to break him…she has always played well with Al but is hesitant to play with Frank.

We feel really blessed to have found this little guy..he is a great addition to our family and I am grateful that we have the means, love and patience to have adopted him.

One thought on “We are three….

  1. Pam says:

    Great day for an endearing post….chemo day…the last of the really bad ones…then on to weekly easier ones…I hope…thks for a pleasant distraction….hugs….

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