Universal Magic

July 4, 2017 / by Sloane


Good Morning World!

This post may be a bit hooey for some of you so quit reading now if you don’t believe in the powers of the universe.

Is it the power of the universe, your God, the intentions you set, the law of attraction, the power within yourself that talks to you through intuition or hard work and determination that makes your dreams come true?

I sort of feel like all of them combined although I do tend to be a bit agnostic in the God front but many of you are on good terms with God so I’ll include it/him/her. I became aware of the powers of visualization in my 30′s. I realized that in my early 20′s I had visualized myself in a large garden of my own with music playing. In my 30′s I had over a 1ooo sq. ft. garden on my dad’s property, iPods and portable speakers had been invented since then and Here. I. Was. I am grateful that at that moment I realized that I had set this moment in action years ago. I am grateful that I have the ability to pay attention and recognize such things, it was a life changing moment. Why did the universe show itself to me at that moment, in the garden? Because I needed to learn PATIENCE! Any of you who garden know that patience is key when growing things. There is no instant gratification in gardening, well that is if you are looking for a sprout to immediately pop out of the ground. The evidence of your work is always noticeable when gardening but maybe not a bloom the next day. Gardening taught me that life is a process of many steps, adjustments, and hard work. I don’t have that garden anymore and am ok with that, it was something I needed at that time because I had a lot to learn.

Let me stop here and point out that I am not asking for good fortune, wealth, health or what not. I mean I AM, but not in the sense of asking the universe to GIVE me anything, instead I ask the universe to HELP me help myself. I ask what do I need to do to achieve such and such. And then have patience damn it, because it does not (usually) happen over night. I often find the universe often “throws me a bone” to let me know I am on the right path. Pay attention folks.

I am not going to yammer on about all the things I paid attention too, followed my intuition on and what not, I am sure I have blogged about all of them in the past. But I will say you need to listen to yourself. Do what you need to do to clear your mind and be able to hear what your next step is. Then DO IT. Does it always pan out, no. But keep at it. Also, make sure you have a support system of friends, family, animals. Open up to folks that will listen to you, encourage you and offer, sometimes unsolicited, advice. Surround yourself with creative and positive people. Get rid of the naysayers and Debbie Downers. Sweet Brown knows the deal….


You are going to need all the help you get so ask for help when you need it and open yourself up to accept it! Mean, negative nasty people aren’t who you need to “help” you. They only want to see you struggle and fail.

What inspired me to write this post today? An essential oil experience, or should I say LACK of oil. I have been using an oil blend in the evenings on my throat. I have been sleeping really well and have had none of my usual anxiety dreams. Yes, I have a set of standard anxiety filled dreams that wake me up and night and keep me up stressed as all get out. I forgot to put it on last night, remembered but sluffed it off and told myself I would do it next time I got up. At 3:45 I awoke after having a massive anxiety fueled dream. After  45 minutes of focusing on breath, gratitude mantras, you name it I realized the oil I had forgotten. So I went ahead and put it on after now being up for over an hour and not wanting to stay up because I have a lot to do today. After application, I promptly fell back asleep and slept soundly for 2 more hours! Was it the oil, exhaustion, or the power of suggestion that put me to sleep? I don’t know for sure but it worked and I am thankful!

Oils are new to me, I am learning about them every day and think they are going to be a great tool in the years to come for me. Here is where the universe threw me a bone yesterday. Sunday morning I was rearranging my cart for my Essential Rewards order. I was trying to keep it at around $100. But as I kept putting things in and taking them out I decided, what the hell, I am going to get what I want which also allows me to get 3 things free because of how much it all cost. I will figure out how to pay for it later. Yesterday I received a wholesale order for tea towels that will more than cover my purchase and leave me a little to pay on my loan!!!!! I swear, I can’t make this sh*t up.

So all that being said, here comes the work part, because nothing is “free”, instead of going to a party at 2 I will be listening to my book and ironing towels. I won’t work all day but I won’t be over there that early for sure. I am grateful to be able to have my side job at home, free boobing with my dogs….I can wait a few more hours before I have a beer.

Peace out y’all, Happy 4th and all that jazz, I have work to do!humble

One thought on “Universal Magic

  1. Pam says:

    Nice job. Good timing for me to see all this. Makes me happ that you are at peace for a while.👏🌅🎆🎇🎉🎉🇺🇸

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