To Draw or Not To Draw….

June 1, 2016 / by Sloane


Before you say anything, I am aware of the fact that in the time it would take to write this post I could have actually MADE something…anything…even if I just ironed towels. But I am feeling more introspective than creative today and would really rather just sit still and try and make sense of the mania that swirls around in my head. Although I am having lady issues today, which is another reason I prefer to sit still, my brain is on overdrive and I am pretty sure my heart rate is elevated. Yeah, welcome to my world.

I am often beating myself up because I am an artist who does not make art. I have ideas all day everyday but I just cannot seem to act on them. Part of it is priorities, you know like running a business, exercise, sleep, eating, laundry and the like…but part of it is procrastination. Then there is that issue of funds. I know I should make art for the sake of art but I am just not there right now in my life. Unfortunately I am not independently wealthy, I did not open a business because I needed something to do. Yes, some ladies have opened a shop and told me when they were in The Wedge getting ideas before they opened (at least they were honest and are 45 minutes away) but yes, they told me their husbands told them they needed something to do so they opened their little business. I actually need to earn a living and although I am making do well enough at this time I have depleted my savings and am not prepared for anything out of the ordinary to happen because it would crush me. Some people might look at my attitude as being a sell out but I see it as survival and I do not see anything wrong in using my creative abilities to earn money. Believe it or not other artists can be mean and judgemental, but c’est la vie, I have always walked to the beat of my own drum anyways.

I know I will never draw like a great master, but I do need to draw well enough to get my outlines and proportions in place. I will never master the craft of hand lettering as well as someone like Igor, IMG_7304 but I can do a better job than below….


I just need to practice…and not procrastinate. Maybe rather than perusing Facebook while I have my morning coffee I should doodle and sketch. I need to create healthier habits for myself. See, I am already working through my problems as I type LOL.

You all know that one way I earn extra cash is by designing and printing tea towels.

My first towel was this one….

homeiswheretowelIt is an illustration that I actually drew, and collaged with my painted tissue paper. I was able to layer my scanned in tissue paper over the font for a little more texture. There are a few things that bother me about this though, the colors get altered in translation and a lot of the detail/texture is lost. Plus it’s done, there you have it, a pink trailer.

Example of my tissue paper…2-12-2011_4THEN I discovered sites offering creative content at very reasonable prices. You see below is a watercolor of a sailing ship (I have never played with watercolors but I love the look of it), this came in a big package of nautical goodness ready to go. The font and the doodle came in a separate package as well as the watercolor that I was able to adjust the font and water doodle with. Easy peasy, except I feel like a complete fraud. Although I am completely happy with the layout, it prints fantastic and it took up very little time I cringe a little everytime I look at it.
1ShipRGBYet I cringe when I see If Cats Could Talk because I should use a “real” font until I can get a little better at lettering. BUT the cat doodle got my wheels spinning. I actually doodled the cat and then scanned it. Then I used a watercolor out of photoshop. Which is great because I got to play around with different colors and opacities without “ruining” the image. I have also learned a little bit about styles, patterns and seamless background by purchasing things from Creative Market. I am thinking with a little research I can scan my tissue in and make it so I have a little more versatility when using it.

Another funny thing is, now that I have discovered these creative content sites I see it EVERYWHERE. I see these designs come through our shop on a regular basis, yes, they may be altered and tweaked and made the artist own, but I know they cheated a little too. Kind of makes me feel a little better about myself. Ha!

This morning I have got to thinking that maybe I should work on getting my parts….doodles, illustrations, tissue papers, letter etc… into the computer. I am also battling with doing an online course with Sketchbook Skool for a kick in the pants to get me in the habit of drawing and some inspiration. And then maybe I could even upload them into Creative Market into a little shop of my own for a little more income?? Thoughts? I mean shoot, if it’s out there it’s out there and folks will steal and copy it if they want so why not try and make a little passive income.

2 thoughts on “To Draw or Not To Draw….

  1. Pam says:

    I am exhausted just reading your ponderins. XO

  2. Incredibly honest, helpful to me to read, and I’m sure others too. So many different balances, especially when you own a shop. I used to own 2 flower shops,, ages ago. it was all consuming for me. You
    guys make it look effortless. Its not.

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