Humble Pie

February 2, 2016 / by Sloane


I was a restless sleeper last night and once when I was up the realization that Chris Solanto​ was right overcame me and I was up for 30 minutes coming to terms with that! LOL I am sorry for being so stubborn all the time Chris, but it is with all good intentions.

The realization that he was correct in the assumption that Sadie would not ride in the cart. Now let me state, I COULD probably have gotten her used to it if it wasn’t for her physical limitations. Sadie Dog has awful arthritis in both legs and at the base of her tail. I think even if I could convince her to lie in the cart she would still be terribly uncomfortable. Listening to her grumble and groan last night in her bed made me think about all this. I love my girl and I just wanted her to join in the fun, but I will not force her and make her suffer.

Soooooooooo now we have the biggest cart Doggyhut makes and an 18 pound hairy weiner  as its only occupant! Hahaha! Chris asked me repeatedly why I needed the largest cart they made. I don’t know, why do I buy 25 pounds of bird seed instead of a manageable 5-10 pound bag. Why did I buy 6000 napkins when opening The Wedge 3 years ago. It is just the way I am. I try and not ask him why he buys the things he buys, ahem, guitars, shoes and jackets. Maybe our obsessive qualities are what attracted us to each other in the first place. We are passionate, intense people who like the biggest, the best and the most of the things we like in life.

As I sit here sipping my smoothie and thinking about whether or not I should sell this one and opt for a smaller one I decided to compare. And I see really, there isn’t THAT much difference in sizes.

Maximum capacity: 90LBS Dimensions inside trailer: 34″x22.5″x26″ /Dimensions folded: 34″x26″X9″ /Weight: 31LBS

Maximum capacity: 85LB /Dimensions inside trailer: 27″x17″x20″ /Dimensions folded: 27.5″x20″X9″ /Weight: 23LB

I bet I could strap my beach chair to the top of that bad boy, throw the wiener in there and go to the beach sometime. Plus now I will focus on getting Fwank comfortable in there. He and Mae could have an adventure to the beach as well. Minus the beach chair since they would just want to run around once we got there. I bet after I ran him around the hood he would settle down quite nicely and be happy to ride in style. I’ll start that later today!

Maybe now that I have eaten my humble pie publically Chris won’t be to hard on me with the I Told You So’s.

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