Drank the Kool Aid

July 20, 2017 / by Sloane

kool aidI did it, I drank the Kool Aid. I am a believer…now.

I signed on with Young Living and I LOVE it! Love, Love, Love it. I didn’t always believe, I always associated essential oils (EO) with Patchouli, to much, cheap patchouli at Grateful Dead shows. Gross. Then I was at work one day, was sick and a customer came in with another line of oils and proceeded to not only give me what she felt I needed, which was enough for my first experience, she had me smelling, ingesting and applying a plethora of others. 30 minutes later, after she was gone I was a hot mess. My heart rate was up, I was breathing uncomfortably and could not get enough water in me. Also, when I inquired about the initial oil applied to me , on how I could purchase a bottle I was told that I should just sign up because that’s the way it worked. Um, no. Told her I would consider it and then after getting sick(er) I threw out the literature she left me. A while later another gal came in the shop who was repping YL and wanted to come and do something at the shop. I immediately said no. I couldn’t handle the smells. At The Creative Wedge we began working with Kylene of Roses Ridge Farm and The Aromatherapy Shop and I started to think differently towards EO’s. Then I met Noelle and Stephanie (who happens to be the wife of one of my oldest friends). Noelle inquired about an event at the shop and I said, only if you sit outside. LOL. Well, guess what, they are coming to the shop this Saturday INSIDE. This will be the first of many EO events at The Wedge. By following Kylene’s facebook page, Roses Wellness Garden,  along with following “the girls”, Steph and Noelle, adventures I began to soften and become really interested in what they were doing and how EO’s worked. Barbara and I placed an order through her existing account and then I was hooked. I ended up signing on under Steph and got my kit. I didn’t bother setting up the Essential Rewards right away, that lasted a week. I immediately recognized the value in in that program. But I’ll save that for another blog post.

I actually have quite a lot to say about my oily adventure and could yammer on for an hour or more but alas, I cannot. Let me just say that this is a piece of my life’s puzzle that has been missing. I had a profound shift in my view of my business and my relationship with loved ones right at the time of discovering the value of EO’s. I am a believer in the Law of Attraction as well the setting of intentions. I love rituals and routines (I was probably a Catholic or a Voodoo Priestess in a former life), and I really love learning new things. I am excited to share with you my experiences and things I am learning along the way.

Peace out folks, I have a big day ahead of me! Work, sending gals to Kings Grant Farmers Market and a quick trip to RVA for the Supersuckers!!!!


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